Latest Addictions

chili-Spiced Dried Mango
Utterly addictive. Dried mangos coated in cayenne and salt. Oh. My. God. I got mine at Trader Joe’s when we were in California last weekend. This weekend will be dedicated to finding it somewhere in Austin so that I can be supplied with it for the rest of my life.

The Ginger People
This company makes all things ginger, and I love me some ginger. The ginger chews are slightly milder versions of the Vietnamese candy. They have hard candies too, which are great. The new “ginger soother” drink packs a punch, but is relatively mild compared to most soft drinks, and is flavored with honey, which tastes great. I just tried the ginger-snaps for the first time and they are heavenly. You can get a lot of the stuff at Whole Foods, but some is only available on the website.

Bi Bim Bap
I’ve known about this dish for a long time, but I managed to eat it twice this week and enjoyed it both times. Next time you go to a Korean eatery, try it out. It’s like the Bun of Korean food – if they can do it right, you know you’ve found a good place. Rice topped with several kinds of veggies, meat, and a fried egg. The perfect meal, it’s heavy on the veg and light on the meat, but satisfying and filling.

2 thoughts on “Latest Addictions

  1. Yeah, and now you’ve gotten me hooked on those chili coated dried mangos. It’s really difficult to walk by the stove without opening the bag. I noticed Kris over there opening the bag yesterday.

  2. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I got some at Whole Foods here in Austin, but they do not compare. Looking forward to my chili-mango care package!

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