Mint: How do I use it up?


We get a lot of fresh mint in our CSA during the summer months. It smells heavenly. It’s hard to use up. More than I care to admit goes black in my fridge. This year I’m trying to use it more creatively.

For several years I’ve made a simple strawberry salad thusly:

2 Cups sliced fresh strawberries
Sprinkle of sugar
Tablespoon of orange juice or grand marnier
Tablespoon of chiffonade mint (rolled and thinly sliced)

This is great alone, on ice cream, waffles and pancakes, with whipped cream, and as part of a shortcake or parfait. It’s great with any combo of berries and also with mango.

I ran across a recipe for basil-strawberry lemonade and decided to adapt it to my needs. I used agave syrup instead of superfine sugar (because that’s what I had) and mint instead of basil. It came out a little too thick for my taste, but I strained it a bit and it was perfect! It’s great over crushed ice, and I had to fight my kid for it she loved it so much. I think I’m going to try to make it into popsicles as well.

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