Potato and Squash Hash

There’s nothing particularly unique or special about the potato and squash hash that shows up at our house about once a week in squash season, but yum yum, is it good.  We’ve found that this recipe is the perfect catch-all for cleaning out a fridge full of random veggies.  In the summer it catches all our squash.  In the winter it catches the random root vegetables that we can’t figure out another use for.  I don’t even have a recipe for it because it’s so random.  In a large skillet I heat olive oil.  I put in about two medium sized potatoes, medium dice.  Cook those potatoes until they’re getting tender.  Add medium diced summer squash or whatever vegetable you want.  I add squash about 5 minutes before the potatoes are finished – that lets everything finish at the same time.  In the picture here I had also thrown in about two cups of spinach at the very end.  Salt, pepper, sriracha, whatever you like for flavors and you’re done.  Divide over two plates.  Then in the same skillet fry a couple eggs to your liking.  Place those over the hash and you’ve got a great meal for breakfast or brinner.

I did the math on this and it feeds the two of us for about $2.00.  Two bucks for a really good weeknight dinner that takes no time at all.  Love it!  Little grocery tip – I’m ashamed at the amount of time I spent buying individual potatoes.  I figured for a family of two we didn’t need to buy a 5 pound bag of potatoes.  Do the math – individual potatoes are $0.98 per pound, a 5 pound bag is $1.77 total, or 35 cents per pound.  Once I realized that, I started buying the bag.  Not only is it cheaper, but they’ll stay good in the cabinet for weeks and it’s a great thing to have on hand for other recipes.  Stock up!  Buy the bag!

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