Grilled Cabbage

Some friends of ours make grilled cabbage at a bbq we hosted last year and I was amazed at how delicious it was. I have a confession to make. My CSA cabbage often goes unused. I only have a couple recipes up my sleeve that use it. I used to put it in stir-fries, but my daughter started reacting to soy shortly after she was born and I had to go on a soy-free diet for her sake. And by the way, that was hard. Soy is in EVERYTHING. Anyway, back to cabbage. We’ve been getting these nice petite cabbages in our CSA box and I decided I would try to fake up a recipe. It turns out grilling them is very popular right now, so I dug through a bunch of recipes online and came up with my own. The first try was okay, but the second was pretty delish. You need:

1 small cabbage, cut into quarters or sixths
2-3 T butter, cut into pieces
whatever spice blend you like (I use Emeril’s, as usual)
1/2 medium onion, cut into half rings

Preheat your grill to medium high or about 400 degrees.

Mix at least a tablespoon of your spice mix with a generous amount of salt and ground pepper. Take each wedge of cabbage and fan it open a bit with one hand, while sprinking your spice mix inside the layers. Repeat with each segment. Arrange in a metal baking dish. Arrange onions around the wedges. Top with the rest of your spice mix, and dot with butter. Cover with tin foil. Bake in the grill for 1/2 an hour.

Be careful of the steam when you remove the foil!

Look how the bottom gets all caramelized and yummy! The onions add some sweetness and richness that goes perfectly with the cabbage. Don't be stingy with the spices. Cabbage is kind of the lentils of veggies, it really sucks up flavors and can be bland if underseasoned. We served with brown rice and grilled sausages.

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