Big Pimpin’

There is some stuff I can’t live without in my kitchen. I use it weekly, if not daily.

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste
I use this in place of vanilla extract. It’s a little spendy, but I’m addicted. It’s heaven in whipped cream, ice cream, cookies…oh dear God, I love this stuff. Just get some.

Emeril’s Original Essence
This is my all-purpose spice mix. I use it a lot. You may have noticed. It’s great on meat, fish, and in stews. Love it.

Applegate Farms Natural Sunday Bacon
I love bacon. I love it a lot. This stuff has all the flavor, none of the nitrates, antibiotics, or preservatives. I also love their roasted turkey and sliced ham. Mmmm. Ham.

The Ginger People Organic Minced Ginger
I have a ginger issue. This product enables me. It’s easy to keep in the fridge, where I tend to let my fresh ginger shrivel and die. Not PC, I know, but oh well.

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