Curried Butternut Squash and Potato Latkes

I’ve been struggling to find more ways to use winter squash in the dead of summer. There’s only so much stew a body can take. This recipe is great, although you still have to use your stove for frying:

The salsa was a little blah. Maybe more lime juice? Hotter peppers? A tarter apple and a little honey? I used jalapeno because I’m scared of Serrano peppers. Other than that, I followed the recipe to the letter. Mostly.

I use my food processor for grating. I have hand grated stuff for latkes before and it’s too much dang work. I made slightly larger pancakes and probably used a bit more oil – I like to use grapeseed oil for frying.

You’ll notice the picture is strangely cropped. That’s because the other dish I made, while tasty, looked a mess. If you’re curious it was Five Spice Chicken with Blackberry Glaze. I overdid my reduction and it came out looking like a horror movie prop. I used pork chops instead of chicken because my grocery store was out of my favorite boneless skinless organic chicken thighs. And I grilled inside on my panini gril, because I’d probably be in jail for spousal abuse if I made my husband go outside to grill. All in all, a tasty and easy meal.


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