Pizza with Salami, Beets, and Arugula

I have to be honest – I dread seeing arugula in our box.  I’ve never been a fan of this particular veggie.  It’s spicy and a little bitter, a bit like eating raw peppercorns, in my opinion.  If you’re looking to zazz up a salad, I’m sure arugula is a great addition to add some flavor without adding calories, but I just can’t stand the stuff.  However, I feel worse about wasting perfectly good produce than I do about eating arugula, so I’m in the constant quest to find it a home that I can tolerate.  Last night I might have actually succeeded.  Pizza!

My husband ordered a pizza at a restaurant that came with arugula and looked similar to this.  That served as the inspiration.  Earlier in the day, whilst the toddler napped, I roasted a couple of medium diced CSA beets with olive oil and salt, 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.  The crust was David Lebovitz’s no knead dough cooked in my beloved cast iron skillet.  I topped my crust with mozzarella, beets, and salami and then broiled for about a minute.  Then I plopped a big handful of arugula on top and sprinkled with a little extra salt and Italian seasoning.  It was good – the salami was a strong enough flavor to compete with the arugula.  Most arugula pizzas call for prosciutto, and don’t get me wrong, prosciutto is delicious.  I love it, I want to use it in everything.  But it is expensive.  I used salami because it was on sale and I think it served the purpose.  This pizza turned out to be a tasty way to use two of the…shall we say…lesser loved CSA veggies.

2 thoughts on “Pizza with Salami, Beets, and Arugula

  1. OMG, I adore arugula!!!! Maybe because I love spinach so much, and it’s a kissing cousin of spinach, but really I LOVE it. Mandola’s has a pizza with prosciutto and parmesan cheese, and layered over the top is arugula with a bit of lemon vinagrette spinkled over the entire thing. Fabulous!

    You can also make a mean arugula/basil pesto as well. This is the thing I do all the time. In fact, I rarely make pesto without throwing arugula, spinach or kale into the mix along with my basil. Makes the basil go further, it makes the pesto more paste like, but still really yummy.

    Morale of the story…if you have extra arugula, and tire of trying to find recipes for it, send it my way and I’ll be happy to help dispose of it 😉

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