Chicken Stew and Sweet Potato Biscuits

This recipe for Down-Home Chicken Stew is a delicious, relatively healthy recipe that uses up several fall CSA favorites – turnips, turnip greens, potatoes, and leeks. It takes a few steps, but if you do all your chopping first, you can do them at the same time. I also think it’s a great stew recipe because it uses some of the potatoes and turnips as thickener, so you can feed it to your friends who are going gluten free. This recipe turned out to be very kid-friendly as well – Lillian went to town on the thick turnip broth. Only one note – I added the turnip greens at the very end so they had a bit of bite left.

We loved it as-is, but next time I’m going to render a couple slices of bacon and brown the chicken first (and take them out), then add the butter and the leeks to the pot. I’ll  add the crumbled bacon in at the end. The chicken was fine, but a little uninspired as is.

The sweet potato biscuits are terribly simple and easy. They are awesome with a little honey on them. Rather than get my food processor dirty for a half cup of nuts, I use my coffee grinder to whirl them up – I have one specifically for spices and such. I made them during the last cooking period of the stew, when the chicken was cooking. I didn’t plan far enough ahead to roast the sweet potatoes in the oven, so I just peeled and cubed a big one and set it in a bowl of water in the microwave for about 10 minutes (time will vary depending on your microwave). Drained and mashed – super easy and fast and no burned fingers from trying to peel your roasted potatoes.


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