Sweet Potato Doughnuts

I continue again on my quest to turn healthy vegetables into junk food.  This time…sweet potato doughnuts!

Ok, they don’t look like Krispy Kremes.  And they don’t taste like it.  They’re quite delicious – like cider doughnuts or something.  But they are dense.  More like a yeast sweet potato roll or something than a light and fluffy doughnut.  But regardless of the texture, these were a big hit in our house.  Our kid learned to say the word “doughnut,” winning me Mother of the Year 2011.  They were a good breakfast that actually kept you full for a while, and a tasty snack.

The recipe came from here, and I made a couple changes.  I used skim milk instead of whole, 2 whole eggs instead of the yolk combo, and I put in 2 c of mashed sweet potatoes instead of just one.  Because there were more sweet potatoes, I had to increase the flour by about a cup to bring the dough together.  There’s a good chance the increase in sweet potatoes/flour was the reason the doughnuts turned out dense.  I would suggest that you do the butter and cinnamon-sugar a la minute, that is each time you eat one instead of the whole batch.  Otherwise they might get a bit soggy.  These are a good way to eat doughnuts while convincing yourself that you are kinda sorta almost being healthy.  Healthier, that is.

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