Warm Spring Greens Salad with Bacon and Fried Eggs

Oh, bacon.  Is there anything you don’t enhance?  I briefly caught a glimpse of a warm spinach salad on a tv show the other day and figured I could employ that concept to create an entree salad using my CSA salad mix.  This is a simple salad, but the addition of a significant amount of protein makes it a complete meal.

In a skillet, cook about 4 slices of bacon until they are crispy.  Remove and drain on paper towels, leaving as much of the bacon fat in the pan as possible.  Crumble the bacon when it is cool enough to handle.  To the hot skillet, add 3 cloves of minced garlic and about 8 oz of sliced button mushrooms.  Cook until the mushrooms are tender.  Add the bacon back to the pan and deglaze with about half a cup of balsamic vinegar.  Cook the vinegar until it reduces by half then pour the entire mixture over about 5 cups of washed, torn salad greens.  Normally this is done with spinach, but I used my salad mix which includes several types of tender greens and it was just as delicious.  Toss the dressing over the greens very carefully (it does contain hot bacon grease, remember?) and plate.  Fry a couple of eggs in your preferred fried egg method and top the salad with those eggs.  The runny yolk, the vinegar, the bacon.  Yum yum!  It makes a great dressing.  And it must be healthy…right?  It’s a salad!

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