Blog Shout Out

Guess what! We’re featured in our CSA’s blog this week! So cool! Tiffany and I both get our veggie boxes from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. It’s all locally grown and organic, and they have expanded tremendously since I first subscribed a couple of years ago. You can also pick up their glorious veggies at the farmer’s markets in town. Go, get some veggies. You will love them!


3 thoughts on “Blog Shout Out

  1. Nice! We just moved to town and started our Johnson’s Backyard Garden share too, and we’re loving it. I am so looking forward to trying a few of your recipes.

    Me, I make pan after pan…after pan…after pan…of roasted vegetables. I use them in everything.

    • Nice! Tiffany and I both have our versions of roasted veggies on here. I would love to know more about how you use them. Mine are usually a side dish with some roasted garlic, but I haven’t gotten much more creative than that.

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