Ratatouille Tart

I recently discovered I actually love puff pastry. I had made a recipe once before and had opted for the expensive, artisanal kind at my grocery store and it turned out incredibly greasy. Turns out most puff pastry is not greasy – just delicious. No now I buy the conventional brand – but do let me know if there is another, more organic brand you like. All I know is I’m not making it myself. I’m just lazy that way.

I’ve never really liked ratatouille because I find it kind of slimy and juicy. I like my veggies more roasted, less wet. But I decided to give it another shot when I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen. And um, please don’t compare my picture to hers. Because you’ll notice a whole lot more goat cheese and a whole lot less symmetry. I pretty much followed the recipe, so I’m not going to repost it. But if you find the idea of thin slicing a bunch of veggies intimidating like I did it was actually pretty easy. I don’t even have a mandolin, just a semi-sharp knife. The best part was the baggie of leftover slice veggies I sautéed up the next day – recipe for that to come. So now I’m a big fan of ratatouille! I just needed to find the optimal way to cook it.

Any favorite ways to cook up ratatouille? I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “Ratatouille Tart

  1. mmm, anything with goat cheese must be yummy. I haven’t commented before, but I’m in the same csa, I believe, so enjoying following along.

    as for ratatouille, I have a recipe from the Flying Biscuit Cafe Cookbook from Atlanta that I love, it is a tasty hearty dish, with the usual eggplant, squash, tomatoes, but also pasta, cheese, red wine…and makes quite a bit. (I recommend sharing the food and especially the rest of the wine with others…) if you want more info on it, let me know.

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