Cabbage and Kohlrabi Coleslaw


I’ve had a craving for coleslaw lately.  I had never tried to make it before, and let me tell you, that was a big mistake.  It’s so easy!  A couple minutes with the food processor and this dish was done.  It is great made a day ahead to let the flavors mesh.  Pair it with some bbq chicken and a plaid tablecloth for an indoor picnic.

1 large head cabbage, core and outer leaves removed

4 small or 2 medium heads of kohlrabi, peeled

1 c buttermilk (store-bought is best for this, don’t make it yourself this time)

3 T sugar

1 1/2 c mayonnaise

2 t celery salt

Using the shredding attachment to your food processor (or a knife or box grater) shred the cabbage and kohlrabi.  Transfer to a large bowl or storage container.  Stir in the buttermilk, sugar, mayo, and celery salt.  Chill for at least an hour before serving.


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