The way things are

Buhbye. Sniff.

Buh-bye. Sniff.

So hi! It’s been a while. Between teaching, working on my PhD, research, and the kid, it’s been a wee bit busy. I kind of ran out of time for thinks like cooking, blogging, sleep, eating…stuff like that. But then something odd happened.

My digestive system started acting up. I thought it was stress, then age-induced dairy intolerance, then whatever else I could come up with. Turns out, it’s gluten. So now I’m re-learning how to cook without wheat. It was hard at first, but it’s getting easier. I’ve got a doctor who works really well with intolerances and is helping me re-balance my diet. So it’s back to mostly cooking, very limited sugar, and very little eating out. My nights of take-out pizza are, alas, over. At the moment I’m also off dairy, but will hopefully be able to re-integrate it over time. I’m calling my current diet “Paleo-lite” meaning it’s light on carbs, heavy on protein and good oils. I feel ever so much better, but it’s been a struggle having to cook for myself when I just want some damn takeout. And take note: Disneyland is not the place to buy food if you have intolerances. Just sayin’.

You may notice that I’ve gone through our existing database of recipes and coded them for gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) recipes. This is largely for my own benefit. I’m gradually developing new recipes, but I’m using quite a few of my old ones, as well. Nothing wrong Ye Olde Sausage and Root Vegetables, what what? Smoothies work, too. I’ll post my new chocolate butter-tea recipe this week. Can’t have cream? Try something better…

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