New Diet: New Staples

So I’m in month 4 or 5 of my gluten free, mostly dairy free, low carb, high protein, and high fat diet. The bulk of my hardcore calories come from meat and fat, but I eat a crapload of vegetables and fruit to balance out the rest. I’m also not totally paleo; I do carbs in moderation when it works with my meal. I just don’t eat them with every meal or even every day anymore. So what is a foodie to do in the absence of bread and pasta? Seek out new, delicious foods to cook with. Because deprivation is for wimps.

Check out the latest additions to my pantry and fridge:

King Arthur Gluten Free Flour
I  tried a few different pre-mixed flours before I read about this one online. So far, it’s the easiest to use. It doesn’t have xanthan gum, so you need a binder for anything that needs binding. The lack means that you can use it for things other than bread and paper mache.  I use it in my latkes, Korean pancakes, and the occasional mug brownie. I also used it in my scones, which came out pretty good. In general, gluten-free flour mixes seem to be a little more pasty than wheat, so I’m still adjusting my recipes.

Penzy’s Natural Cocoa Powder
This stuff is deeelish. It’s got an earthier flavor than Dutch process cocoa powder, so it blends with even cold liquids quite easily. It’s great in my Chai and my Mug Brownie.

Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil
This coconut oil has a great, mild flavor that doesn’t overpower my food. I use it in stir fries, tea, baked goods; whatever. Great stuff.

Raw Agave
This is my go-to sweetener for chai and other stuff that needs a drizzle of something. Sweet, mild, and low glycemic index.

Coconut Palm Sugar
Kind of the same texture and flavor as brown sugar, but a bit less sweet and way healthier. I use it in baked goods. The Trader Joe’s brand is good and pretty cheap.

Chun Jung One Gluten Free Gojuchang
You would not believe what all has wheat in it! I was devastated to find out one of my favorite condiments was gluteny. Enter this brand, which is gluten-free and delicious. Makes fried eggs into a masterpiece. Obviously, I can’t live without Siracha, but it’s good to mix it up.

San J Tamari
Add soy sauce to the list of things that contain significant amounts of wheat. Blah. But this tamari is a great sub and is delicious in stir fries. I sometimes use coconut aminos when I want a sweeter flavor, but I’ve got no probs with soy in moderation.

Tempt Coconut Hemp Milk
This stuff is uh-maze-ing. Creamy, mild, and delicious in chai. Also a good milk sub in baking. This brand is carrageenan free, which is a good thing.

Lots of other things make daily appearances in my kitchen, but I’ll save them for another day. Next time I’ll talk about meat and fish sourcing!


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