Tiffany and I started this blog to document our efforts at using our CSA boxes in our everyday cooking. We both like to cook organic, local, from scratch, and healthy whenever possible. We also both have toddlers, busy lives, and not always enough time to do everything ourselves. The intersection of these competing needs is what you’ll find in our blog. Some slow food, some fast food, and lots of experiments with eating fresh, seasonal vegetables.


I’m an enthusiastic amateur cook from a family of professional cooks. If it’s fast, easy, and organic I want to make it. You will rarely find me blogging about painstakingly long or involved processes. I share recipe adaptations, substitutions, tips, and tricks. I even use some (gasp! horror!) prepared foods, but I try to avoid stuff with a lot of crappy additives. I love my CSA because it helps me feed myself and my family healthy, fresh, veg-heavy meals. I also love pork.

I’m a most of the time SAHM, part-time college professor, and full-time know it all. I also do photography, yoga, belly dance, and sleep occasionally.

Tiffany Braymen – You’ll forever hear me claiming that I can’t cook, but here’s a little secret:  I went to culinary school.  Though it was in pastry, I think I can sometimes hold my own in a savory kitchen.  I’ve spent my years as a pastry chef, and accountant, and now a full-time mom.  I tend to look at recipes and declare that I can do them in half the steps with half the ingredients.  I love that my CSA gives me the opportunity to start my toddler out on a path of healthy eating, though I’m all too eager to throw healthy aside in favor of turning my CSA contents into pastry.

I also belly dance, bake, and occasionally try to keep the floors clean and the laundry folded.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Nancy and David are friends of ours from SB. Billy and David worked together at one time.

    Billy and I moved to Austin just a few years ago from Goleta. I love your blog and we like the same Food Blogs….darlin daughter you have!

    I shall read on and wish you and your family all the best!

    Marjo Tice and Billy

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