Yogurt, Granola, and Some Thoughts on Food

Fair warning – this has nothing to do with our delightful CSA box.  I’m feeling very accomplished because I made my own yogurt and my own granola.  Then I fed it to my cloth diapered, still breastfed toddler before we went to mama/baby yoga class.  I’m just a pair of hemp underpants away from buying … Continue reading

Homemade Nutella on a fresh peach scone

It’s no secret that my favorite food is Nutella.  My death row meal would be a jar of Nutella, a box of Nilla Wafers, and enough Diet Coke to kill me before the firing squad did the job.  I’ve always wanted to make my own Nutella and I finally got around to it.  Why, oh … Continue reading

Red Velvet Blackberry Pancakes

Doesn’t that sound spiffy? Okay, it was really just a big experiment, but it came out pretty good in the end. I took my standard pancake recipe, and added 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a cup of finely grated raw beets (I use a microplane grater). Check out this crazy looking batter: After pouring … Continue reading


Quiche is a beautiful thing. It seems so sophisticated, so elegant, but it’s really just a delicious catch-all for your spare veggies and cheese. I hadn’t made one in a while, so when I saw this recipe in my latest issue of Cooking Light, I decided to give it a whirl. Of course, I changed … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic Beets and Carrots

Root veggies can be difficult to use up – especially when they have different textures. This is a technique I use most often for hard root veggies such as beets and carrots. If I’m using softer ones like turnips and potatoes, I add them to the cooking process later. Beets and carrots go great together. … Continue reading

Squash Pancakes. For reals.

Squash season is upon us, and that means my CSA box will be bursting with zucchini, pattypan, and various other summer squashes for the next few months. Summer squash is tasty stuff, but you can get tired of anything, eventually. So sometimes I use it in baked goods like muffins and bread to mix it … Continue reading

Potato and Squash Hash

There’s nothing particularly unique or special about the potato and squash hash that shows up at our house about once a week in squash season, but yum yum, is it good.  We’ve found that this recipe is the perfect catch-all for cleaning out a fridge full of random veggies.  In the summer it catches all … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Squash Bread

Once again I insist on turning my fabulously healthy, farm fresh, local organic vegetables into something baked and sugary.  But ohhhhhh, is this bread good.  It’s more like cake than bread, really.  I wouldn’t think twice about slapping some cream cheese icing on this stuff and calling it dessert, but it could just as easily … Continue reading

Mint: How do I use it up?

We get a lot of fresh mint in our CSA during the summer months. It smells heavenly. It’s hard to use up. More than I care to admit goes black in my fridge. This year I’m trying to use it more creatively. For several years I’ve made a simple strawberry salad thusly: 2 Cups sliced … Continue reading

Fall Cooking

I love me some fall and winter recipes. The CSA has started supplying us with a lot of winter squash, sweet potatoes, and now we’re getting into greens season. Here are a few of my latest favorite recipes: Five Spice Sweet Potato Pie I’ve had issues with lighter pies and quiches being runny, but this … Continue reading