Paleo-ish Candied Pecans with an unintended side effect of paleo streusal

Since I can’t tolerate a lot of sugar these days (much to my dismay), and certainly not much cane sugar or other processed stuff, I opted to make candied pecans for gifts this year instead of cookies or fudge. My forays into paleo cookies have been meh, and fudge is well, fudge. I know I’ll … Continue reading

What’s for dinner: Whenever

I’ve lost track of the days. Last weekend was my daughter’s 3rd birthday party and this week has just kind of disappeared. I keep taking pictures of stuff and then forgetting to write about it. So here’s a few that were worth noting. Above, my not as lovely version of Framed Cooks’ Fettuccine with Leeks … Continue reading

Strawberry Purple Basil Sherbet

I’m calling this a sherbet though it may technically be ice cream. Mr. and Mrs. Wikipedia say that sherbet has between 1 and 2% milk fat. This recipe uses half and half, but has a pretty high water content from the strawberries. It’s more refreshing than creamy. I’ll let you decide. All I know is … Continue reading

Yellow Squash Bread with Meyer Lemon Glaze

Summer squash is here! I know I’ll be sick to death of it by the end of the summer, but I really do enjoy it in baked goods. This is another awesome Pinterest find – original recipe here. It’s lighter than a standard zucchini bread recipe, and I used yellow squash instead which ends up … Continue reading

Oat Ginger Pecan Scones

This recipe has nothing to do with the CSA, and everything to do with my current baking obsession. And Pinterest and Tastespotting obsessions. Tastespotting is a food blog aggregator that you can search for ingredients. I am not sure how they filter stuff yet, but it looks as if most of the recipes come from … Continue reading

Pumpkin Brown Butter Pudding

This is a super-easy dessert. It’s kind of a faked up pudding – no eggs, just cornstarch. I serve it with some really simple whipped cream – just cream and sugar. This is use #492 for the hundreds of bags of pumpkin in my freezer. And I still have a whole pumpkin left to roast … Continue reading

Five Spice Sweet Potato Pie

I love this recipe. That’s about all I can say about it. We’ve had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes from the CSA this year, and they’ve been piling up on my counter. I finally just threw them all in the oven and roasted them and made this delicious pie. It’s topped with my standard … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Doughnuts

I continue again on my quest to turn healthy vegetables into junk food.  This time…sweet potato doughnuts! Ok, they don’t look like Krispy Kremes.  And they don’t taste like it.  They’re quite delicious – like cider doughnuts or something.  But they are dense.  More like a yeast sweet potato roll or something than a light … Continue reading