Latest Addictions, Grocery Edition part 2

In the couple days since my last post I realized there were a bunch more products I wanted to share. So here goes. Vanilla Bean Paste This stuff is AWESOME. I use it in anything that calls for vanilla. Cookies, whipped cream, whatever. It gives you that glorious flecking you get from scraping out a … Continue reading

Monday Photo

In honor of the gigantic amount of fresh veggies we have to prepare and consume this week, I give you basil: This is actually from last year’s garden. This year my basil is kind of peaky. But the CSA keeps providing us with huge bunches of fragrant, lush basil that I have to incorporate into … Continue reading

I’m a guest star!

My friend Nelson has this awesome food blog called Show Me Your Taco. I introduced him to the exotic tacos at Polvo’s and I got to help with the review and even do a little of the filming! It was fun, and tasty.

Belated Update

A few weeks ago David and I took a short vacation in the hill country. We stayed at a farm near Blanco, called Juniper Hills Farm. It was just what we needed – remote, peaceful, quiet, packed with plants and wildlife (there was a bird convention out our window) and included tasty baked goods. The … Continue reading

Food Porn

David and I went to Hudson’s on the Bend for dinner tonight. Highlights: Amuse-Bouche: coconut fried shrimp in a lime-coconut shooter Appetizer: smoked duck breast, jicama, jalapeno, figs wrapped in bacon with red chili glaze dipping sauce Entree: american bison stuffed with spicy venison sausage on a 3 bean ragout with chipotle bbq sauce O. … Continue reading

Pork Fat Rules!

I heart bacon. I really do. And yet, I also attempt to eat healthy on a semi-regular basis. Until recently, I never thought it would be possible to indulge my love of pork products with conscientious eating habits. But then I discovered the beauty that is Cooking Light’s online recipe search. They have tons of … Continue reading

Latest Addictions

chili-Spiced Dried Mango Utterly addictive. Dried mangos coated in cayenne and salt. Oh. My. God. I got mine at Trader Joe’s when we were in California last weekend. This weekend will be dedicated to finding it somewhere in Austin so that I can be supplied with it for the rest of my life. The Ginger … Continue reading


Austin Food Bytes Beat the Heat with Smoothies There are certain kinds of regional foods that simply can not be replicated in other geographical areas. Try as I might, I have never found serviceable barbecue in California. Creole cooking never tastes the same when it’s not prepared in the vicinity of a Louisiana swamp. Bagels … Continue reading

Indian Cooking 101

Austin Food Bytes NI Cooking School, Indian Food 101 While I love to eat out, I actually enjoy eating in much more. My whole family cooks, my brother and mother professionally, so I guess it’s in the genes. I have a tendency to fixate on a certain type of cuisine for a while, trying recipes … Continue reading