Goat Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Cakes with Yellow Tomato Sauce

I’m on another Emeril kick. When am I not? I’ve been eying zucchini cake recipes for a while, and now our CSA is stuffed full of all kinds of squash, so I decided it was time to try something new. This recipe is not too hard, but I have a few of my own changes … Continue reading

Easy as Pie Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

I did not make this quiche.  My husband, Sean, made this quiche.  He made it following instructions I gave him via text message.  If you ever want a testament to the fact that quiches can be incredibly easy to make, use the fact that my non-chef husband made a quiche via text instructions.  It’s nearly … Continue reading

Swiss Chard Quesadillas

I have to admit, I’m getting tired of Swiss chard.  This always happens toward the end of vegetable seasons.  After so many months of trying to figure out what to do with this green, I’m feeling a little tapped.  And on one particularly lazy day, I decided to forget even trying and just throw them … Continue reading

CSA Margherita Pizza

This is my favorite pizza to date. Incredibly fast, incredibly delicious. Steeping the garlic and basil in the olive oil makes it incredibly flavorful. It uses stuff I will have in my CSA box for much of the summer: cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil. Huge hit with the husband and kid. Win! 1-2 cups cherry tomatoes, … Continue reading

Marinated Steak Salad

When lettuce time rolls around, I never quite know what to do.  I can only stomach so many green salads in my lunch.  My husband won’t eat it at all…until…MEAT!  This was a great way to use all the hearts of Romaine we got in the box this week and a way to use a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Crepes with Gorgonzola Sauce

Hi! I’m back! Things are a little nutty right now and I keep forgetting to photograph my work. But I did cook up a giant load of pumpkin the week after Halloween, and now I’m trying to find ways to use it. The night I cooked up all the pumpkin (that’s a big Cinderella pumpkin … Continue reading

Kitchen Disaster = Shiny New Recipe

I’ve made a lot of one pot dinners lately. You may have noticed. Tonight I got all ambitious and was going to make three dishes:  Salmon with Red Pepper Pesto, Brown Butter Orzo, and sautéed chard with garlic. Nice! Well, I made the pesto, browned some butter and got the orzo cooking, cleaned and sliced … Continue reading