Squash Pancakes. For reals.

Squash season is upon us, and that means my CSA box will be bursting with zucchini, pattypan, and various other summer squashes for the next few months. Summer squash is tasty stuff, but you can get tired of anything, eventually. So sometimes I use it in baked goods like muffins and bread to mix it … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Squash Bread

Once again I insist on turning my fabulously healthy, farm fresh, local organic vegetables into something baked and sugary.  But ohhhhhh, is this bread good.  It’s more like cake than bread, really.  I wouldn’t think twice about slapping some cream cheese icing on this stuff and calling it dessert, but it could just as easily … Continue reading

Quick Pasta Adaptations

There are a couple of pasta recipes I use over and over. They’re great for using up some of the core CSA ingredients – onions, garlic (there is nothing better than CSA garlic), tomatoes, and spinach or other greens. I adapt a lot of recipes from CookingLight.com. Interestingly, a core component of these recipes is … Continue reading

Roast Tomato and Pepper Salsa

  I recently took a turn at making fresh salsa for the first time.  Why, oh, why did I wait this long to make my own salsa?  I’m embarrassed that I’ve been buying salsa all these years.  It takes nothing to make this stuff, and almost all the ingredients are in our current CSA box.  … Continue reading

So many greens. Chard, Ham, and Havarti Crepes!

I have a standard procedure I use with the plethora of greens that come in my CSA, especially during the winter and spring. This recipe applies to all of the softer greens – chard, spinach, beet greens, turnip greens, etc. I generally don’t use collards or kale in this combo because the cooking times are … Continue reading

We scream for Mint Chip Ice Cream

While having a CSA does encourage me to eat healthier, it also tends to encourage me to turn things into ice cream.  Case in point – mint chocolate chip ice cream!  Like Michelann, I have a hard time using my mint.  I find recipes that use a few sprigs, teaspoons, or tablespoons, but then the … Continue reading

Burgers and Squash “Fries”

One of the great things about getting a CSA box is that it gets harder and harder to justify eating bad food.  With a fridge full of locally grown organic vegetables, can you really justify that trip to Micky D’s?  Yes, you absolutely can, it’s just harder now.  Tonight we had a little experiment into … Continue reading

Summer Bounty Bolognese

I tried the sauce recipe included in this gnocchi recipe the other day. It’s a bolognese made with ground pork. What’s awesome about it (besides the pork because I love some pork) is that it uses the holy trinity of the summer CSA: onions, peppers, and tomatoes. It also calls for basil and parsley, but … Continue reading

Mint: How do I use it up?

We get a lot of fresh mint in our CSA during the summer months. It smells heavenly. It’s hard to use up. More than I care to admit goes black in my fridge. This year I’m trying to use it more creatively. For several years I’ve made a simple strawberry salad thusly: 2 Cups sliced … Continue reading

What am I doing here?

I’ve been food blogging on and off for a while. I used to write restaurant reviews for my company newsletter that were pretty popular, and I have occasionally documented my cooking efforts. I’m a decent cook. Not spectacular, but I can follow a recipe and I can improvise, and I know some of the basic … Continue reading