What’s for dinner: Saturday

Dinner tonight was slightly experimental. The pasta is just capellini with olive oil, red pepper flakes, sliced garlic, Pecorino Romano, and chopped parsley. The parsley came from today’s CSA box, which is super green heavy. It’s called Pasta Mezzanotte and it takes about ten minutes to make. Super easy. It was fine, but not exciting. … Continue reading

Avocado and Brussels Sprouts Salad

I must be becoming a grown up, because my love of Brussels sprouts grows deeper every day.  Whoda thunk?  I was so excited to be off over the holidays because it meant that I could whip up a quick and tasty lunch like this salad.  It only took a couple of minutes, but was absolutely … Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts browned with Cheese

Prior to receiving Brussels sprouts for the first time in our CSA history, my experience with the little green balls was…not good.  I think I had only eaten them from frozen, microwaved until steaming, and plopped in front of me with an order to “eat your vegetables.”  They were gross.  And I did not relish … Continue reading