Apple, Fennel, and Onion Pie

I was flipping through my copy of I’m just Here for More Food by Alton Brown, looking for a cobbler recipe, and I stumbled across this apple, fennel, and onion pie.  As CSA luck would have it, I had all three of these things in my fridge and absolutely nothing to do with them.  I … Continue reading

Pan Roasted Salmon with Vegetables

I’m vague-ing it up a bit on the title because this dish is a work in progress. I started with this recipe. And can I tell you how sad I am that the print version of Everyday Food is going away? It’s become one of my very favorite food mags. Sniff. Anyway, the November issue … Continue reading

Fennel and Purple Potato Gratin

This gratin was pretty easy to put together, but certainly not very quick.  Regular russet potatoes can be substituted in for the purple potatoes with no issues.  I was sad that the purple potatoes lost their bright color in the baking.  I was looking forward to plunking down a scoop of K-State purple potatoes and … Continue reading

Fennel Risotto and Braised Carrots

Fennel showed up in the box again.  And once again I was a bit flummoxed as to how to use it.  But over this last year receiving a CSA, I’ve figured out that a pretty good formula for dealing with vegetables is to mix them into a carb (pasta or rice) and add cheese.  Hence, … Continue reading

How I cook

Since subscribing to the CSA, I’ve changed how I cook quite a bit. No longer am I enslaved to the ingredients in one recipe. Now I mix and match recipes and ingredients all willy-nilly. After a while you get an idea what veggies can be combined or subbed, regardless of what the recipe calls for. … Continue reading