Chard and Spinach Pie

Swiss chard season has come knocking and I have answered its first call with this swiss chard pie.  Pie for dinner?  That’s insanity!  Insanely fabulous, you mean.  This recipe comes from Her Domestic Highness, Martha Stewart.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.  The original recipe is here, but I made a few changes to bump up … Continue reading

Creamy Macaroni with Sweet Potato Greens

There is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished as a cook than when I fly completely sans net and crank out a delicious dinner.  That was exactly what happened this evening, so my chest is quite swollen with pride right now.  Behold!  Creamy macaroni with sweet potato greens! Specifically, that is my toddler’s plate.  … Continue reading

Pizza with Salami, Beets, and Arugula

I have to be honest – I dread seeing arugula in our box.  I’ve never been a fan of this particular veggie.  It’s spicy and a little bitter, a bit like eating raw peppercorns, in my opinion.  If you’re looking to zazz up a salad, I’m sure arugula is a great addition to add some … Continue reading

Squash and Sweet Potato Greens with Polenta

Oh, polenta.  How I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  You are incredibly easy.  You are amazingly cheap.  You go with just about anything.  And you are oh, so delicious. To be honest, I wouldn’t eat polenta for years.  My mother eats a form of polenta called “mush” that is pan-fried and covered with … Continue reading

Quick Pasta Adaptations

There are a couple of pasta recipes I use over and over. They’re great for using up some of the core CSA ingredients – onions, garlic (there is nothing better than CSA garlic), tomatoes, and spinach or other greens. I adapt a lot of recipes from Interestingly, a core component of these recipes is … Continue reading

So many greens. Chard, Ham, and Havarti Crepes!

I have a standard procedure I use with the plethora of greens that come in my CSA, especially during the winter and spring. This recipe applies to all of the softer greens – chard, spinach, beet greens, turnip greens, etc. I generally don’t use collards or kale in this combo because the cooking times are … Continue reading