Trout in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Parmesan Polenta

It’s fish week again at Chez Quimby. My husband caught a ton of trout and redfish last weekend, so I’m trying out some new recipes. A while back I bought a spicy simmering sauce in a bottle and cooked it up with some fish and pasta. I decided to try to make my own version … Continue reading

Jalapeno Poppers

This installment of “how do I use these hot peppers?” ended in an oldie but a goodie – jalapeno poppers.  While not exactly the height of sophisticated cuisine, I found that when I made these myself they were so much tastier and fresher than what you’d get in any chain restaurant appetizer plate.  They’re baked, … Continue reading

Sweet Hot Pepper Relish

Hot peppers are still one of the more difficult things to use this time of year, at least in my house.  I decided to knock out two weeks of peppers in one big batch of a sweet and hot pepper relish.  It’s delicious, and the sweetness helps counter the heat of the peppers.  The peppers … Continue reading

Honey Jalapeno Cornbread

Hot peppers are one of the items that are beyond plentiful in our CSA box this time of year.  Like mint, hot peppers are something I struggle to use.  This week I tried an experiment of roasting jalapenos and adding them to my beloved honey cornbread recipe.  The results – delish! First step first – … Continue reading

Austin Food Bytes – Keep it Simple With Salmon

As the temperature rises, I find myself craving lighter fare. Gone are the cold evenings when meat and potatoes are what I desire, the impending hot months make me think of fresher, lighter meals, especially in the evenings. One of my favorite weekend dinners is salmon. Salmon is a fattier fish with a distinctive, delicate, … Continue reading