Cabbage and Kohlrabi Coleslaw

  I’ve had a craving for coleslaw lately.  I had never tried to make it before, and let me tell you, that was a big mistake.  It’s so easy!  A couple minutes with the food processor and this dish was done.  It is great made a day ahead to let the flavors mesh.  Pair it … Continue reading

Kohlrabi “potato” salad

Don’t be fooled – there isn’t a single potato in this “potato” salad.  It’s 100% kohlrabi.  And the consensus in the house is that this is our favorite kohlrabi recipe to date.  It’s simple, good warm or cold, and a great side to that burger hanging out in the background.  It doesn’t taste exactly like … Continue reading

Belated Update

A few weeks ago David and I took a short vacation in the hill country. We stayed at a farm near Blanco, called Juniper Hills Farm. It was just what we needed – remote, peaceful, quiet, packed with plants and wildlife (there was a bird convention out our window) and included tasty baked goods. The … Continue reading