Roast Vegetable And Goat Cheese Bread

I’m totally on a bread baking kick right now.  I’ve been teaching my 3 year old how to bake bread and it’s such a fun thing to do together.  She gets to add all the ingredients, punch down the dough, and I even let her cut slits into the top of last loaves.  Perhaps I … Continue reading

The Great Tamale Caper

Prior to moving to Texas 10 years ago, I had never even tasted a tamale, much less developed an appreciate for how sublime a good tamale really is.  And prior to getting the idea to make my own tamales, I had not developed an appreciation for how much work goes into producing these tiny little … Continue reading

Ratatouille Tart

I recently discovered I actually love puff pastry. I had made a recipe once before and had opted for the expensive, artisanal kind at my grocery store and it turned out incredibly greasy. Turns out most puff pastry is not greasy – just delicious. No now I buy the conventional brand – but do let … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Jambalya

I have recently become addicted to Pinterest. At first I was kind of flummoxed: what is the point? Saving collections of pretty pictures? But then I realized I could use it to keep track of recipes. Cool! And then I realized I could use it to look at all the recipes other people were keeping … Continue reading

Green Curry with Baby Bok Choy

I’ve previously mentioned the fact that I’m intimidated by Indian cooking.  It is so incredibly complex, with flavor profiles that are so unique and historic, it just seems bigger than me.  But I’m trying to get over my fear, I’m trying to make a few dishes.  Last night was a foray into curry.  My Everyday … Continue reading

Fish Chowder

Recently, thanks to the generosity of Michelann and the fact that her house was overrun with fish from her husband’s recent fishing trip, I came to have several pounds of beautiful, fresh redfish in my fridge.  Since it was only 95 degrees that day and as close to fall as we’re going to get anytime … Continue reading

Hatch Mac and Cheese

It’s Hatch chile season and our local stores are overflowing with roasted peppers and delicious, hatch-enhanced products. I’ve seen chile mac and cheese at restaurants, but I decided to fake up my own version and it was delish. I know, I’m cheating by buying delicious Hatch peppers instead of using the ones in my CSA … Continue reading