Chorizo-Pepper Breakfast Tacos (for dinner!)

This is another “kitchen sink” recipe. It’s also a breakfast dish, but is really good for dinner (especially when you have 24 farm fresh eggs and need to mow through some of them). Breakfast tacos are an Austin thing. If you are from Austin and are reading this, you are probably thinking, “Dude, how unoriginal … Continue reading

Stuffed Peppers with bacon and cream cheese

This time of year our CSA boxes are overrun with sweet and hot peppers.  Last year I decided I wanted to turn them into some stuffed peppers.  I scoured recipes in my books and online, and finally decided just to wing it with whatever I had in the kitchen.  The result is now a favorite … Continue reading

Week of Fish: Roux Stew

Today I made our favorite Fish Week recipe: Emeril’s Fish Stew. It’s a creole recipe made with a dark, rich roux. I am not a roux kind of girl, normally. I like my cooking fast and easy, and you will rarely find me sweating over a hot stove for more than a few minutes. But … Continue reading