What’s for Dinner Sunday: CSA Korean Pancakes

Yes, Tiffany did an awesome version of these. My version is based off of this one, which has a slightly different makeup. My mom is visiting, and she also has a CSA in California so she also has lots of “kitchen sink” recipes. We’ve been trying hers (to be blogged soon), but we are both … Continue reading

A CSA Christmas

This Christmas season was, by far, the busiest holiday season in my memory.  At some point, I just had to take a “one day at a time” approach to everything and worry about the rest as it came.  Make it through this Christmas pageant, make it through this party, make it through this family visit, … Continue reading

Fennel and Purple Potato Gratin

This gratin was pretty easy to put together, but certainly not very quick.  Regular russet potatoes can be substituted in for the purple potatoes with no issues.  I was sad that the purple potatoes lost their bright color in the baking.  I was looking forward to plunking down a scoop of K-State purple potatoes and … Continue reading

Swiss Chard Quiche with Red Potato Crust

Most people will agree that the most troublesome part of a quiche is the crust.  Pre-made crusts are often too small and too sweet.  Making your own requires skill and time, one or both of which are frequently in short supply.  So when I stumbled across the idea of using potatoes as a crust, I … Continue reading

Chicken Stew and Sweet Potato Biscuits

This recipe for Down-Home Chicken Stew is a delicious, relatively healthy recipe that uses up several fall CSA favorites – turnips, turnip greens, potatoes, and leeks. It takes a few steps, but if you do all your chopping first, you can do them at the same time. I also think it’s a great stew recipe … Continue reading

Baked Potato Pizza

Baked potatoes and pizza – together at last to create the world’s most perfect food.  This is seriously my new favorite food.  I based this on a recipe by David Lebovitz that can be found here.  I had been developing a pretty big food crush on this guy, and after eating this pizza, that food … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic Beets and Carrots

Root veggies can be difficult to use up – especially when they have different textures. This is a technique I use most often for hard root veggies such as beets and carrots. If I’m using softer ones like turnips and potatoes, I add them to the cooking process later. Beets and carrots go great together. … Continue reading

Potato and Squash Hash

There’s nothing particularly unique or special about the potato and squash hash that shows up at our house about once a week in squash season, but yum yum, is it good.  We’ve found that this recipe is the perfect catch-all for cleaning out a fridge full of random veggies.  In the summer it catches all … Continue reading