Don’t let Pumpkin have all the fun – Butternut Squash Spice Cake

It’s that special time of year when everything turns pumpkin.  Pumpkin spice coffee, cake muffins, cookies, pumpkin beer, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin pumpkin PUMPKIN.  Don’t get me wrong – I love pumpkin.  I love this time of year where everything is warmly spiced and pairs nicely with a warm cider.  It’s the time of year when … Continue reading

Pumpkin Brown Butter Pudding

This is a super-easy dessert. It’s kind of a faked up pudding – no eggs, just cornstarch. I serve it with some really simple whipped cream – just cream and sugar. This is use #492 for the hundreds of bags of pumpkin in my freezer. And I still have a whole pumpkin left to roast … Continue reading

Pumpkin Crepes with Gorgonzola Sauce

Hi! I’m back! Things are a little nutty right now and I keep forgetting to photograph my work. But I did cook up a giant load of pumpkin the week after Halloween, and now I’m trying to find ways to use it. The night I cooked up all the pumpkin (that’s a big Cinderella pumpkin … Continue reading

Fall Cooking

I love me some fall and winter recipes. The CSA has started supplying us with a lot of winter squash, sweet potatoes, and now we’re getting into greens season. Here are a few of my latest favorite recipes: Five Spice Sweet Potato Pie I’ve had issues with lighter pies and quiches being runny, but this … Continue reading

Food, glorious food

I’m happy to report that the long cooking drought is over. We even made fish stew last night, and the lingering smell in the kitchen doesn’t make me ill! During the first oh, 13 weeks of pregnancy I cooked maybe once a week. And I had this bad habit of forgetting key ingredients like oil … Continue reading