Creamy Macaroni with Sweet Potato Greens

There is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished as a cook than when I fly completely sans net and crank out a delicious dinner.  That was exactly what happened this evening, so my chest is quite swollen with pride right now.  Behold!  Creamy macaroni with sweet potato greens! Specifically, that is my toddler’s plate.  … Continue reading

Squash and Sweet Potato Greens with Polenta

Oh, polenta.  How I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  You are incredibly easy.  You are amazingly cheap.  You go with just about anything.  And you are oh, so delicious. To be honest, I wouldn’t eat polenta for years.  My mother eats a form of polenta called “mush” that is pan-fried and covered with … Continue reading