Sweet Potato Risotto

This recipe is purely the result of trying to use up some items in the kitchen cabinet.  I had a bag of Arborio rice that I had long ago intended to turn into Greek rice pudding, but that never happened.  And the sweet potatoes from the CSA are piling up in a bowl on the … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Hummus

I didn’t even know this was a thing! In my attempt to find uses for the sweet potatoes that have started rolling in hot and heavy, I found this recipe.  It seemed like it would be a yummy and more nutritious alternative to hummus, and it was!  I did have to make a couple changes, … Continue reading

Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder

I love potato chowder.  I jump at the chance to break out anything that resembles chowder when the weather cools off each year.  However, I also live in central Texas, so that limits my crisp and cool chowder days to about 6 per year.  This year I got tired of waiting for chowder weather.  When … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Is there anything better than brinner?  That’s breakfast-for-dinner for those of you who have never gotten lazy, made scrambled eggs at 6:00, called it “brinner” and acted like it was a fancy treat.  It’s a regular feature in our house.  This time around, the featured dish was sweet potato pancakes.  I love these pancakes.  Despite … Continue reading

Sweet Potato and Butternut Chowder

I was describing to my husband the way I made this chowder – an attempt to use up some sweet potatoes and butternut that had set up long term encampments in the cupboard.  I said “well, I used my normal potato chowder.  Only I substituted sausage for bacon.  And sweet potatoes and squash for regular … Continue reading

Five Spice Sweet Potato Pie

I love this recipe. That’s about all I can say about it. We’ve had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes from the CSA this year, and they’ve been piling up on my counter. I finally just threw them all in the oven and roasted them and made this delicious pie. It’s topped with my standard … Continue reading