A CSA Christmas

This Christmas season was, by far, the busiest holiday season in my memory.  At some point, I just had to take a “one day at a time” approach to everything and worry about the rest as it came.  Make it through this Christmas pageant, make it through this party, make it through this family visit, … Continue reading

Stuffed Swiss Chard and Mashed Turnips

There have been some big changes in my personal homestead.  After nearly two years at home caring for the love of my life (our daughter), I’m back to work full time.  That means time is even more precious than it was before, and time spent on food is one of the places that has had … Continue reading

Chicken Stew and Sweet Potato Biscuits

This recipe for Down-Home Chicken Stew is a delicious, relatively healthy recipe that uses up several fall CSA favorites – turnips, turnip greens, potatoes, and leeks. It takes a few steps, but if you do all your chopping first, you can do them at the same time. I also think it’s a great stew recipe … Continue reading

Kale Soup with Turnips and Sausage

Kale showed up for the first time this season and I decided it was nearly fall enough to break out a soup.  I looked online for kale soup recipes, then just decided to freewheel it.  The result was pretty tasty and successfully used one of the more difficult veggies from the box – turnips. This … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic Beets and Carrots

Root veggies can be difficult to use up – especially when they have different textures. This is a technique I use most often for hard root veggies such as beets and carrots. If I’m using softer ones like turnips and potatoes, I add them to the cooking process later. Beets and carrots go great together. … Continue reading