Fettuccine with Herbs and Goat Cheese

Please forgive the photo.  This recipe was somewhat accidental, and as such, the only photo I snapped was of my daughter’s plate as she started in on her second helping.  It’s a very simple recipe that resulted from throwing a bunch of odds and ends into a pot and then basking in the delicious result.  Fresh or frozen herbs work great in this dish, though I’d avoid the dry variety.  I used Queso panela as an experiment, but any sort of soft, easy to melt cheese would work beautifully.  The fresh herbs and onions made this pasta scream “SPRINGTIME!!”  It’s nice to think about spring in central Texas.  Our spring lasts approximately 4 hours, then the unholy heat of summer hits and we all just want to move to Portland, so enjoy spring while it briefly lasts.

8 oz fettuccine, cooked according to package directions

1 bunch scallions, green parts only, sliced thin

1/2 cup fresh dill

1/2 c fresh parsley

2 tomatoes, diced

4 oz soft goat cheese

6 oz queso panela, crumbled

Directions don’t get much simpler.  Cook the pasta.  Drain it and return to the pot.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir until the cheese is mostly melted.  The goat cheese will melt quickly into a sauce consistency.  It’s not necessary for the queso panela to melt completely, it’s lovely to find little pockets of unmelted cheese throughout.

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