Watermelon Lime Mint Agua Fresca

This week’s CSA box featured a lovely, ripe watermelon. I love melons, but I have a tendency not to use them up fast enough. So this time I used the whole thing in an easy to make concoction that is the perfect refreshing summer treat.

flesh of 1 small watermelon
lime juice to taste
sugar to taste
2 sprigs of mint

Most of the recipes I encountered for watermelon drinks say to seed the melon first, which is a right pain in the ass. But here’s a little secret – in your blender, the seeds of a ripe watermelon won’t get pulverized if you pulse it on low, which is more than enough to blend the ingredients.

I did mine in three batches – some of each ingredient in each, but a low amount of water, and then strained it. After I’d blended and strained all the melon, I adjusted the water and sugar until I found the balance I wanted. Light, slightly tart, and refreshing*. Even a small melon made a pretty big batch, so make sure you have a large pitcher to store it in. Drink up!

* This would probably be awesome spiked with vodka. I’m just saying.

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