Week of Fish: Brazilian Fish Stew

I know I promised fish recipes but this week has been a bitch. Better late than never, right? My husband came back from the coast with 10lbs of freshly caught trout, and dang is it good! I totally forgot to photograph Tuesday’s meal for which I am lame. But tonight I made a house favorite, Emeril’s Brazilian Fish Stew. This is my second-favorite fish stew, Saturday I will make my very favorite. This one is super fast, easy and super tasty. As with all recipes, I modify for what I have on hand. Unfortunately, all my fresh CSA tomatoes got used up in an unfortunate experiment and I had to use some canned tomatoes, but that’s okay.

Stuff you need. Tomato paste in a tube = genius. Best canned tomatoes, ever. If you want organic coconut milk, try Whole Foods' house brand.

CSA onions (I forgot to slice instead of dice them, it didn't really matter) and jalapenos. 1) I had them on hand 2) I wanted my kid to eat this and cayenne peppers would have been too dang hot.

Added the tomatoes, garlic, broth, and tomato paste. Mmmmm.

I heart coconut milk. Look at all that lovely lime juice soaked-fish!

As Emeril would say, "Oh yeah, baby!"You can't see it, but there's some jasmine rice on the bottom.

I love Emeril. I love his recipes. I love his restaurants. Is he a little goofy? Yes. Also, his food is fricking amazing. I used to reserve his recipes for special occasions because they were so involved (and fattening) but recently he’s been focusing on simpler, healthier fare. I get a lot of recipes from FoodNetwork.com and Emeril.com, but I also love this cookbook. I’ll be featuring another one of his recipes in a couple days.

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